The legal profession— lawyers, from litigation to trademarks/patent law is one which  produces a sea of documentation that needs to be securely bound for presentation, reference or preservation. With Fastback® binding systems you can handle volume tape binding and create personalized, on-demand hardcover books, all on the same system.

  • Create StitchFree™ hardcover books and inexpensive tape binding in moments
  • Bind papers into book form so they can easily stand up on a shelf
  • Print titles and dates on the spines so that information can be easily accessed
  • Color code your binding (both spines and covers come in a range of shades)
  • Use our durable Super Strips™ to bind briefs, motions and transcripts in quantities of one, or one thousand
  • Edit your paperbacks and tape-bound documents– the machine lets you remove a page and replace it with another (hardcovers cannot be edited)

Lawyers and court systems are using Powis Fastback® binding machines to:

  • Create customized, foil-printed hardcover presentations for estate plans and wills
  • Personalize important client proposals
  • Produce tamper-proof, hard cover documents, ideal for trial bundles, evidence folders, appeal books, summons, notice of motions, etc etc.
  • Add durable new covers to heavily used reference books
  • Publish downloaded material on an “as needed” basis
  • Bind patent filing information and create hardcover final patent materials that will last for generations

Our binding machines and foil printers are used by the United States Supreme Court. Fastback® is also the only binding system to be approved for courts in Germany. Our innovative technology has a number of advantages over conventional methods:

  • Create strong, beautiful binding with pages that resist 25kg of pull
  • Foil print in up to seven registered colors with the Foilfast® printer (a fast, inexpensive alternative to traditional foil stamping)
  • Choose from a range of cover materials, textures and colours
  • One-button operation: Teach non-technical, entry-level employees to operate the system in less than 30 minutes
  • Minimal investment: the systems are highly affordable and can sit on a tabletop
  • Our Fastback® 15xs binds up to 350 pages in under 15 seconds

For the protection of sensitive and propriety information to remain confidential, owning a Fastback® will enable you to bind all documents in the security of your own office.