Government is a prolific producer of documentation. Many papers have true historical significance and need to be preserved. In other cases, lawmakers and politicians need easy access to huge amounts of data, surveys and reports. As a result, staffers require easy-to-use, on-demand publishing and binding capability.

That’s why many branches of the U.S. Federal government (including the White House copy room) use Fastback® binding systems. A single binding machine is versatile enough to handle commercial-grade hardcovers, paperbacks (perfect binding) and tape-binding.

  • Produce durable tape binding for proposals, surveys and polls
  • Record transcripts of speeches and publish them on demand
  • Print up to 7 foil colours on your covers in seconds (a fast, inexpensive alternative to traditional foil stamping)
  • Title and date the spines so that surveys, polls and papers are easily accessed.
  • Archive and preserve historic volumes by adding new covers and spines.
  • Take fragile and hard-to-document material and create books that can stand on a shelf (a great alternative to 3 ring binders)

Fastback® systems are designed to handle both spikes in volume and one-at-a-time, on-demand publishing. They are easy-to-use tabletop systems that non-technical, entry-level staff can master in under 30 minutes. Additionally:

  • Hard cover binding is surprisngly affordable – save thousands of dollars over outsourcing.
  • The Fastback® system requires only minimal maintenance, doesn’t jam and is extremely durable.
  • Pages resist 25kg of pull so historic documents are kept safe for hundreds of years.
  • Traditional binding systems use animal-based adhesives that turn brittle quickly – pages start falling out and the book is useless. Fastback® thermoplastic adhesive is cruelty free and stays flexible much longer.