Financial Services

It’s not unusual for large accounting firms to produce 10 or 15 audit books a year. With hundreds of clients, plus shareholders, this results in a need to bind tremendous quantities of professional-looking documents, using the most streamlined method.

Our compact and efficient binding machines have simplified the whole process. They are changing the way financial documentation is produced. Fastback® systems allow you to create polished, commercial-grade binding or customized, hardcover presentations in minutes. Best of all, there’s no setup and they’re remarkably easy to use.

No more punch-and-bind or expensive hot foil stamping machines. Use Fastback® systems for:

  • Hardcover and paperback (perfect binding) Annual Reports with personalized imagery (Fastback® 9x and 15xs only)
  • Professional-quality financial presentations and proposals
  • Individual customized documents: print foil logos for the cover and the spine
  • Durable tax documents and stock performance analyses that will last for years
  • Fast turnaround of Sarbanes-Oxley internal processes documentation
  • Customized investor portfolios
  • Volume tape binding for financial records (less than 15 seconds per bind)
  • New book covers for frequently used reference volumes: Fastback® books withstand 25kg of pull

Our machines are designed to be flexible. You can create elegant and traditional hardcover documents or bind financial records in volume, all on the same system. The bottom line is that your work is always presented beautifully. And since it’s all produced in-house, you can protect your clients’ confidentiality.