Use our intuitively designed Fastback® desktop binding system to create one-off hardcovers and paperback books (perfect binding), on demand. Our binding is even durable enough to keep knowledge safe for students of future generations. In minutes, you can produce:

  • Your own hardcover and softcover theses and dissertations.
  • Yearbooks, quickly, inexpensively and on demand. (Outside vendors can charge as much as $60-$80 per book.)
  • Year-end memory books.
  • Outstanding presentations and class projects.
  • Short-run self-published books.
  • Individual books with one-of-a-kind content.
  • Art class brag books
  • Download out-of-print books from the internet and bind them in-house for less than 50 cents per book.

You can also use the very same Fastback® binding equipment to:

  • Tape bind records and school directories 3.5 times faster than punch-and-bind
  • Bind loose leaf education reports into self-standing books (no more 3 ring binders)

In addition, our foil printing machines let you print and title spines for easy location. And create customized book covers in up to 7 foil colours at a fraction of the cost of traditional foil stamping.