Binding Solutions

Fastback 20

The Fastback 20 is the ideal binding machine for anyone who needs a fast, full featured machine for binding in medium to large quantities. This multipurpose machine handles tape binding, perfect binding and hardcover book binding. It can create anything from a simple report to a 350 sheet hardback book. Binds 10 to 350 sheets in 13-20 seconds.

Offering unprecedented ease of use with its LCD display that guides the user through each operation using animated illustrations.

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Fastback 9

The versatile Fastback 9 is the most compact and affordable binding machine from Powis. It’s desktop footprint is small enough to fit in the most cramped conditions.

The Fastback 9 handles both tape binding and hardcover book binding and is a great choice for the small/home office. A powerful machine that can produce finished binding 3.5 times faster than traditional punch and bind systems. It binds from 10 to 250 sheets and is perfect for short runs and the occasional job.

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Foilfast Printer

The Foilfast Printer prints covers in foil, up to 7 colours, all registered accurately. Simply design on a computer, and print it out.

You can create custom covers on-demand for your photo books, soft covers and hard cover book binding. Plus, it’s as small as an inkjet printer so it fits easily in a desktop environment.

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Powis Stitcher

The Powis Stitcher is an electric, tabletop machine used to secure the bound book spine. The staples are quickly and precisely placed using the stitching table and foot pedal; for fast, hands-free, and accurate operation. For stitching up to 50 sheets of book content. Loads up to 5,000 staples before refill, and featured safety shield automatically shuts off power.

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Scoring Machine

Create perfect scores easily and accurately the first time, and every time. Designed specifically for perfect binding (paperback books). It works hand in hand with the Fastback 20 to precisely score card stock so your covers look good and open easily.

The patented Centering Guide eliminates any guesswork as to where to place the scores. Place the bound book between the Book Thickness Rings and adjust the width to match.

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Fastback Hardcover Guide

Produce hard cover books that match commercially manufactured books in quality and durability.

The Hardcover Guide lets anyone make a professional quality hard cover photobook, in less than a minute. Assembly is simple – designed with the adhesive built-in, eliminating messy glue pots. Ensure consistent registration of the book block with the Fastback Hardcover.

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